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Tutti al Second Life Winter Festival, si regalano magliette natalizie

Posted by Max Badolati su 18 dicembre, 2006

Tra una settimana è natale e non potete assolutamente perdervi il terzo Second Life Winter Festival, il calendario si presenta ricco di appuntamenti, purtroppo l’ho scoperto con qualche giorno di ritardo ma fortunatamente ho ancora qualche giorno ( finisce il 22 dicembre) per divertirmi sulla neve con il mio avatar.

A proposito, appena entrerete vi sarà regalata una bellissima t-shirt nataliza:

Ecco il calendario degli eventi: 

Christmas Ball
Dec19, 1-5PM PST
Formal ball features DJ playing Christmas, swing, jazz & other swanky hits. Prizes for best dressed!

Caribbean Xmas
Dec19, 8PM PST
Caribbean Christmas Celebration at the lovely Boiled Shrimp! Dancing, Reggae music, prizes and more.

Custom Santa Photo!
Dec20, 7:30-10:30AM PST
Free custom Santa photos created while you wait, takes about 5 min. each. Also ice skating & snow angels to enjoy.

SL Saturnalia
Dec20, 4PM PST
Celebrate Saturnalia, the ancient Roman version of Christmas, by participating in Silly Combat for fun & prizes!

Menorah Lighting
Dec20, 5PM PST
A little light dispels a lot of darkness. Join us for a menorah lighting celebration, food and more!

NBC Sessions
Dec20, 6:30PM PST
Special guests Robert Randolph and O.A.R. play live in the holiday-decorated Peacock Room

Snowball Fight
Dec21, 10AM-5PM PST
Grid wide Resident vs. Linden snowball event – see list of locations (coming soon) near the Wengen Chalet! Watch this blog for more information 🙂

Meet Santa Claus!
Dec21, 6-8PM PST
Calling all Naughty & Nice Residents! Get your Wish List ready for the 2nd annual visit with Santa.

Dec22, 7-10:30PM PST
Join DJ’s Nexeus, Naydee, & BCreative as they present different styles of music to celebrate the holidays!

Xmas Party
Dec22, 8-11PM PST
Skiing, skating, prizes for best dressed and more! Contact Nakiska Ski Club group for info.

All Day Skate
Dec22, 9AM-12PM PST
At the Winter Wonderland, join us for an all day skating event. Also Wonderland will hold many other events throughout the Winter Festival, visit for more info.

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    Beautiful teen girls

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